Jeff Jackson, CEO

Photo of Jeff Jackson

Jeff has been part of IrisCouch since the beginning, running the business.

Jeff is an entrepreneur and leader, bringing business and strategic vision to Iris Couch. He built the largest food maker and wholesaler of its kind in Austin, and has served as a directing consultant for the medical angel group, Embollitech.

Jason Smith, Technologist

Photo of Jason Smith

Jason has been an entrepreneur since 2002. He joined CouchOne and built its cloud CouchDB hosting service.

Jason is an expert deploying, managing, and using CouchDB in the enterprise. He provides the technical vision of the Iris Couch platform.

Jason and Jeff have been friends since the seventh grade.

Technical Advisory Board

Damien Katz

Photo of Damien Katz

Damien Katz is the creator of Apache CouchDB and CTO of Couchbase.

He began his developer life working on Lotus Notes. In 2005, he started a "storage system for a large scale object database," called CouchDB. In 2008, it became a top-level project at the Apache Software Foundation.

In 2009, Damien, J. Chris Anderson, and Jan Lehnardt founded CouchOne.

Sharon Barr

Photo of Sharon Barr

Sharon is Vice President of Engineering at Couchbase.

He has more than 15 years of experience developing infrastructure software and leading software teams, having built and managed world-class engineering teams at large companies and start-ups alike.

Jan Lenhardt

Photo of Jan Lenhardt

Jan Lehnardt has been involved with CouchDB since 2006 as a developer, consultant and evangelist. In late 2009 he co-founded CouchOne (now Couchbase) together with CouchDB inventor Damien Katz and contributor J Chris Anderson.

J. Chris Anderson

Photo of J. Chris Anderson

Chris is an Apache CouchDB committer and co-author of the O'Reilly book CouchDB: The Definitive Guide.

Chris is obsessed with bending the physics of the web, and giving control back to users. In 2009, Chris, along with Damien Katz and Jan Lehnardt, founded CouchOne.