Easy CouchDB

The CouchDB manager: Futon

Iris Couch is free, cloud CouchDB hosting.

We provide CouchDB without friction. Sign up for a domain at .iriscouch.com. That’s your CouchDB server. Use it however you like.

Free Service

Iris Couch costs zero dollars for modest usage. Experimenting, developing, prototyping, and even small production sites costs zero dollars.


We have a simple, RESTful pricing system. You use CouchDB. You know GET and POST. Your log file is your receipt.

If you don't spend $5.00 then it's free.

  • No data transfer fee
  • $1 per gigabyte stored
  • 1¢ for 500 reads: GET, HEAD
  • 1¢ for 100 writes: PUT, POST, DELETE
  • SSL costs 2¢

Five bucks or it’s free

If your monthly bill is $5.00 or lower, you will not be charged.

A buck a gig

Store one gigabyte in the couch for one month, for $1. This includes database data and also views.

There is no fee for data transfer.

500 reads: 1¢

Five hundred reading HTTP requests is a penny. These include GET, HEAD, and OPTIONS.

The size of requests is irrelevant. You can fetch your entire database.

GET /my_db/_all_docs?include_docs=true

That counts as one request. Do that five hundred times, and you would owe 1¢.

100 writes: 1¢

One hundred writing HTTP requests is a penny. These include PUT, POST, and DELETE.

The same RESTful rule applies. You can delete all of your documents.

POST /my_db/_bulk_docs

{"docs": [ {"_id":"victim_1", "_deleted":true}
         , {"_id":"victim_2", "_deleted":true}
         , ...
         , {"_id":"victim_2000", "_deleted":true}

That is one request. Do that 100 times, and you would owe 1¢.

SSL is 2¢

Everything over SSL works the same, but at 2¢ for usage.


Here is a real customer’s bill for March, 2012.

$1 per database GB1.31 GB-months$1.31
$1 per index (views) GB0.17 GB-months$0.17
1¢ per 100 writes: PUT, POST, DELETE517 requests$0.05
1¢ per 500 reads: GET, HEAD, OPTIONS62,941 requests$1.26
2¢ per 100 writes: PUT, POST, DELETE0 requests$0.00
2¢ per 500 reads: GET, HEAD, OPTIONS44,537 requests$1.78

This a perfect pro account. It’s used in production, with database and index storage, HTTP and SSL access. And its March usage was free.

What specific data is on this couch? We don't know.

Free Software

Apache CouchDB is free software; and CouchDB strictly follows web standards. We think you prefer free software and open standards because you prefer to control your own destiny.

The Web and CouchDB are democratizing. Iris Couch means

  • No vendor lock-in
  • Easy data import and export

Vendor lock-in is disastrous. People shouldn’t be compelled to use something because they have no choice. We will have none of that.

If you do not care how your future unfolds; if you are comfortable outsourcing your data and your software to a stranger; if runs everywhere and syncs to everything did not make your roadmap, then by all means sign up for pretty much any other cloud database in the world.