Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a question, email us or post your question in our Support Forum.

Who are you?

The old Couchbase hosting team. It was pretty clear that service and licensing are different companies, so we made two companies!

We built the Couchio, CouchOne, and Couchbase hosting business from the ground up. We know the CouchDB hosting platform better than anyone.

At Couchbase, we developed specialized expertise building and managing a cloud platform for hosted CouchDB, providing a quick turn-key service that is easy to get started.

What is Couchbase’s relationship with Iris Couch?

We are independent but we work together. We’ll probably send them a Christmas card this year.

Iris Couch runs Couchbase software, and Couchbase wants people to use its software. Our businesses are dissimilar but our goals are similar. Couchbase works closely with Iris Couch over the long term. This includes providing Iris Couch with ongoing access to Couchbase technical support personnel and engineering team.

What about the old domain?

The domain remains up for now. We will stop using the domain; however we will announce in the blog and by email at least one month beforehand.

What is the difference between Iris Couch and Apache CouchDB?

Iris Couch is basically the latest stable Apache CouchDB release, plus GeoCouch. Then it’s got a few changes:

  • Change the Futon interface (logos, forum links)
  • The pingquery_couchdb plugin for monitoring
  • Stats collection is disabled by default. Advanced users who want stats, contact us and we’ll happily enable it!


We will announce the billing policy as soon as possible. The basic idea is to have monthly fees based on usage.

Iris Couch will always set a minimum monthly resource utilization, below which no fee is owed. Development, prototyping, and modest production sites fall under this cutoff and can operate freely.

You sign up with us, and it’s free because you’re just poking around. Next, you build something out and launch, for free. If your project gains steam, you’ve got a standard cloud service deal. But when your project becomes huge, you want to run your own Couch. So, run your own couch. Replicate your data, voila! You’re off the cloud treadmill.