Announcing Premium Server

By Jeff on Feb 06, 2013

We’re excited to announce our latest product—a Premium Server option for Iris Couch users. Premium Server gives serious users an option to increase the stability and response time of their couches. It costs $75/month (in addition to the regular, metered fees), and buys you oh-so-much-more peace of mind... and performance.

A Premium server is more responsive and reliable than a standard CouchDB server. Premium servers run on isolated, dedicated clusters.

Interested? Log in and enable Premium Server in our billing page.

Once you have a credit card on file, you will see a Premium Server option. If for any reason you’re dissatisfied with the service, you can cancel at any time.

More Details

What, exactly, is a Premium server?

Premium servers run permanently in specialized clusters, with dedicated CPU and memory. Premium servers run on a common physical server, with dedicated CPU, memory, and i/o resources. Nothing is “oversold.”

Premium servers never pause when idle. Typically, if a couch goes unused for too long, we pause it, freeing resources to share with others. Unfortunately, infrequent usage suffers high latency. Premium servers do not have this issue.

Premium servers are monitored. Our automated tools monitor everything. But people watch every premium server 24/7. If we see any server issues, we respond immediately.

Premium servers are isolated. Each cluster runs in a dedicated DNS zone and uses dedicated HTTP infrastructure. Issues in one cluster do not affect another.

Premium servers work. Thanks to many of our users for months of beta testing. Premium service already supports many couches, such as the Node.js npm registry, a mission-critical CouchDB service, processing over 100 million monthly requests.

Announcing paid cloud CouchDB hosting

By Jeff on Apr 10, 2012

April 12 is Iris Couch’s one year birthday. Today, we offer paid cloud CouchDB hosting plans.

How it Works

Our pricing plan has the details. It is relaxing and RESTful. Your log file is your receipt.

This month is completely free for everybody. May is the first month under the new policy.

  • People who don’t accrue $5/month of usage don't owe anything for that month
  • The vast majority of users don’t accrue $5/month in usage charges.
  • Thus, by the transitive property of service pricing, most of you won’t pay anything
  • Your account shows your historical usage since you signed up

Below, co-founders Jeff and Jason reflect on our milestone.

Jeff’s thoughts

I’m really proud of how dialed-in this service has become with Jason’s expertise. I’m excited about this launch and new features we have in development. Mostly, though, I’m really looking forward to not feeling so sad every month signing huge checks to pay our hosting bills.

We spent a lot of time mulling over how to price this so that beginners and tinkerers can still have a free sandbox, and I think what we’ve come up will protect that. Thus Iris Couch will remain both a platform and a tool to spread the word about how relaxing CouchDB is.

Jason’s thoughts

I am pleased with our first year. We have built technology I am proud of. Many people (Jeff in particular) have asked:

Why the delay for paid stuff? Aren't you hungry? Are you lazy?

We are both hungry and diligent. But despite being an Apache CouchDB developer, I am a sysadmin first. Before I take your money to steward your data, I have an ethical duty to produce a proven, reliable service.

  • We proved our mettle, in production, for two years (CouchOne plus Iris Couch)
  • We have had zero data loss incidents.
  • We have zero single points of failure.
  • We have a confirmed, tested backup process
  • We have a confirmed, tested off-site disaster recovery process

Is it perfect? No, it is better than “perfect.” It is very good. We built something befitting a proper database company.

Upgrade to Apache CouchDB 1.2.0

By Jason on Apr 06, 2012

Just now, the Apache CouchDB project released version 1.2.0.

I am happy to announce that all Iris Couch accounts are now running this release. You needn’t do anything, the upgrade is automatic. Just relax on the Couch!

Notable improvements:

  • Persistent cookies—users remain logged in through a browser restart
  • More secure _users database
  • Better, faster replication
  • Reduced (and faster) disk usage

We also upgraded to the new Ocasta Labs Facebook Authentication plugin. It is now easy and relaxing to build a Couch app letting users log in via Facebook.

Please email us if you have questions or issues, or visit our support forum. Thanks!

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