Iris Couch is Easy CouchDB

Iris Couch is a free hosting service—a couch in the cloud. Sign up to have your own Apache CouchDB server.

If you can spell your name, you can run CouchDB.

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It's Pretty Simple

The CouchDB manager: Futon

Iris Couch provides easy hosted CouchDB. Sign up for a free couch if any of these sounds appealing.

  • A web server
  • which is also a RESTful database
  • that you query with Javascript
  • including geospatial data
  • which syncs to your server and phone
  • for free.

Your Couch

Sign up, log in, and start developing with CouchDB. That’s it.

Iris Couch strives to provide, as much as possible, an orthodox Apache CouchDB environment. Our major exception is supporting the popular GeoCouch plugin, allowing true geographic queries. (See the FAQ for details.)